Sesame seed bagels

Normally I would make the bread for the week on a Sunday but I found that cooking my lunch for the week and bread was some times too much so I have decided to make bread on a Saturday. I have made bagels before but I wasn’t to happy with them as I didn’t like the taste of them when boiled in water and bicarbonate soda. So I was very happy when I found a recipe that did not involve boiling them I also adapted the recipe to make it my own.

I weigh out 400g of strong white flour and 100g of rice flour. I put it in the bowl. I then add 10g of salt to one side of the bowl. I then add 20g of fresh yeast to the other side of the bowl. I then measure out 400 ml of tepid water, I then measure out 40 ml of olive oil. . I mix it together. I then put the dough hook on the mixer and kneed it for 10 minutes. I then cover the bowl and leave it to rise for just over a hour.

1 hour up. I get the blue mat out. I put the dough onto the blue mat and knock the air out of it I then cut chunks off and weigh them to 80g. I roll them in to balls. I then roll the dough balls out into a long sausage shape. About 25cm. I then make it into a ring and join the ends together. I place it onto a baking try. I do this with the rest of the dough. I then sprinkle sesame seeds on top. I cover them over and leave for a hour.

1 hour is up I have pre heated the oven to 220 degrees. I put them in the oven for 25 minutes and they are cooked. I put them on a wire rack to cool. I may have cut one in half and put butter and a slice of thick honey roast ham on the middle. The bread was very nice.
So to sum up
100g rice flour
400g strong white flour
10g salt
400 ml tepid water
40ml olive oil
20g fresh yeast
Sesame seeds
So until next time happy baking

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